Day 1?

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To say there was a single day when we decided to create a maths app would be a falsehood. I have had opinions on how maths should be taught since I started teaching the subject 15 years ago, and probably before then too. That said, the excitement I felt when I watched my friends children using an iPad in December 2010 was probably the trigger.

Most of us are probably aware of the three fundamental learning styles, usually described as kinesthetic, visual and auditory. Here was a medium that appealed to all three. Not only that, but it was intuitive to use (my three year old got the hang of it in seconds), portable, and ever-so-slightly addictive. So the question was: how to utilise this new technology to produce a meaningful app that could genuinely help children with their maths? That has taken a while, and is still a work in progress.

What we did recognise early on was that there was an opportunity here to produce a product that was unique: something that could supplement a child’s school maths, appeal to all learning styles, encourage children to learn through doing and interacting (in my opinion, by far the most effective way to learn), be enjoyable to use, and to be portable. To that end, we are developing an app that, if interacted with for a few minutes a day, will significantly improve children’s understanding of the maths. Being portable, children will be able to fit this in to any part of their day: on the school run; over breakfast; waiting for their sibling to finish their swimming lesson. It will cover all elements of the primary curriculum, and adapt itself to the child’s ability. We’ll keep you posted on how it’s coming along!

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