Why the silly name?

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Enough of the boring stuff and now to address everyone’s burning question: why call it DoodleMaths? First off, let me state that the concept for the app came before the name. In fact, prior to being called DoodleMaths it was called:

  • MathsApp (terrible, I know)
  • Maths Box (probably an improvement)
  • SmartMaths (much better – the idea was to reflect the intelligent aspects of the app that tailor work programs to individuals, however, some children felt they had to be smart to use it, and it didn’t reflect the style of the app)
  • Infinity Maths (this didn’t last long – not as many people as we thought were familiar with the infinity symbol, and most felt like they would be consigned to doing maths for an eternity)

We settled on DoodleMaths as it was catchy and appealed to those who would be using it. Our only concern is that perhaps it trivialises what the app is capable of and draws attention to its styling more than its content. Accordingly, we need a tag line to counter this; “pocket tutor” is what we are thinking of currently but as you can see from the above, it could change at any time!

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