Grey hairs

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There’s a few more today compared to yesterday. That seems to be the case most mornings now, though some would say I’m getting on a bit. We had a meeting with the programmers yesterday which was hugely positive until the shock news that we are still at least a month away from beta testing. And as some will already know, its not the first time we have had such news.

Why the delay? Well, the app has far more complexity than we initially planned for. There are a number of features that are unique to DoodleMaths, as far as we can tell, and it is essential that these function without glitches if it is to be popular. Getting the styling and design of the app is also crucial in ensuring users do not tire of it, given that it is expected to be used on a daily basis. We want to get it right first time.

Why the hurry? Two reasons. First, there are no apps currently in the app store that come even close to competing with the major online tutoring websites, and if we are quick, we will be the first. But we are well aware of the huge sums of money being thrown at children’s apps (many of the major educational corporates now have in-house app development teams) – we can only compete with this through innovation and reaching the market before them. Our major fear is that we are beaten to it. Second, we have now invested a serious amount of time and money into this project, at the expense of family, friends, work and sleep, and we are desperate to get to release.

As it is, it looks like the grey hairs will keep coming for a bit longer yet.

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