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Whilst the programmers fix the glitches we’re still having plenty of fun with the design of the app. Martin, who is undertaking most of the design work, seems to know little about maths but is a hugely talented designer, due to spending most of his school days doodling in his books – ideal preparation for this project!

Martin has prepared a number of possible icons for us, which I have whittled down to the three below:

From what I understand from my research, an app icon needs to:

  • communicate what the app is/does without the use of words
  • incorporate simple design
  • have consistency with the design of the app
  • stand out from the crowd

I think we are addressing most of these. Personally I think it impossible to communicate everything the app can do through the icon alone; that said, it needs to be high quality design to reflect the quality of the product. I’d be interested in readers comments!

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