Why iPads are better than PCs for learning

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Touch-screen technology is on the verge of revolutionising learning. Why?

  • It’s interactive. asking children to “touch the hexagon” will engage them far more than asking them to “click on the hexagon”.
  • It’s intuitive. Anyone who has seen a toddler play with an iPad will agree. This ease of use is vital for learning – it allows the user to focus entirely on the task in hand without any distractions.
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  • It’s small and light. In 10 years time, children will no longer carry a bag of books to and from school. Text books will all be electronic, interactive, easy to update, environmentally friendly and light. No more sore shoulders from excessively heavy bags, no more “have you got all the books you need for today?” and no more administrative nightmares for staff getting text books in at the end of the year for a fresh cover and a reissue.
  • It’s portable – and apps work without a data connection. Children can learn on an iPad anywhere. DoodleMaths is designed to work without a data connection. Children will be able to learn maths whilst on car journeys, waiting for a sibling to finish swimming, for example, or on a flight. They will be able to revise for an exam by the pool or on the beach or simply moving around in the house.
  • And it’s new! It won’t be new forever, but for as long as it seems new, children will want to use it.



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