Tabitha’s blog – Week One

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As an insight into the way DoodleMaths works, we thought we’d invite two guest bloggers to give their view on the app. But not just any old bloggers. We’ve asked a primary school pupil, Tabitha, and her mum, Sophie, to do a monthly blog on their experiences of the app. Here is what they made of their first few days with DoodleMaths.

The Pupil’s View – Tabitha, six-and-a-half

Hello, I’m Tabitha and I have just done my first sessions of DoodleMaths! I am 6 years old and I ‘m going into Year 2. At school, my favourite subject is literacy but I like numeracy too.

On DoodleMaths, first of all you choose a pet. I chose a cat. You have to get points for your pet by getting questions right. Before I could get points I needed to do an assessment to see how good I was at maths and then I did the real thing! It was a bit funny at first doing it on my mum’s iPhone but I soon got used to it. I had to sort out odd and even numbers into boxes and also I was tested on how to tell the time. There were fractions and they were hard. When I got 9 out of 10 questions right, my pet cat smiled and fireworks exploded!!!!!

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The best thing about DoodleMaths is that it’s a really fun way to do maths and it was exciting to get a Doodle star when I got a question right. I did a section called 7-a-Day and I got lots of stars. It was awesome doing DoodleMaths with my mum. I learned a special way to take away 9 from a number and I am practising that. At the start of August we are going to Wales to stay at my Grandpop’s on holiday and I am looking forward to doing some DoodleMaths on the way there.

The Parent’s View – Sophie, 33-and-a-half

I had never used an educational app before, so downloading DoodleMaths was a first for me as much as it was for Tabitha. Once downloaded, the app was simple to navigate and there was a really good Parents section that gave tips on how to get the most out of DoodleMaths.

We are fortunate in that Tabitha enjoys her work at school, but with the summer holidays ahead of us, we felt it would be good for her to keep her maths up. When we mentioned the idea of downloading the app to her, she was excited and that excitement grew when she was able to start ‘playing’ the app and choose her own character.

The questions in the initial assessment enable the app to understand your child’s current maths age. The child isn’t told this age but mum or dad can access it by going into the Parents section using a pin code. Over the coming months, it will be interesting to see how Tabitha’s maths age changes. Usefully, you can sign up to receive emailed updates on your child’s progress. The system of ‘credits’ that your child earns by getting questions right is a smart one. The more credits they win, the sooner their character can receive accessories. Tabitha is already focused on securing a pair of sunglasses for her cat!

I did the first couple of sessions with Tabitha, giving her the occasional tip on what to press when, but she picked it up in no time. It was rewarding to see her work through problems and let out a ‘Yessss!’ whenever she earned another credit. The only downside so far is that I’m having to exercise a good deal of self-control to stop myself reaching across and tapping the screen myself – it’s quite compelling stuff, even for grown-ups!

We are only a few days into the summer holidays but Tabitha is probably more excited about maths now than she has ever been. Let’s hope that continues and that the ‘Yesssses!’ continue to ring out.

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