Tabitha’s blog – Week 2

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As part of our ongoing real-life insight into the way DoodleMaths works, our two guest bloggers continue to give their view on the app. Six-year-old primary school pupil Tabitha and her mum, Sophie, each give their account of their second month with DoodleMaths.

The Pupil’s View – Tabitha, six-and-a-half

I started doing DoodleMaths about five weeks ago and I am still very busy with it.

When you have done enough of the Seven-a-day exercises you can get onto the Games Pages.

I can play: Monkey Mania, Maths Explosion and Bakery Blast. I like all the games because you have to do times tables and I love times tables, but my favourite game is Bakery Blast. It is exciting having to do sums quickly. The games have helped me to do sums faster.

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In Monkey Mania the monkey climbs a tree!

When I get questions right I get Doodle Stars and when I get enough stars I can get things for my cat on the screen. My cat now has lots of accessories. She has a lollipop, a top hat, a set of eyelashes and a green cap that says number 1 on it!

I’m saving up for a tiara for my pet cat which costs 150 Doodle Stars.

My sister Viola who is three is now watching me do DoodleMaths. I think she might be interested in it.

I’ve learnt some topics like areas of rectangles and bonds to one hundred and they need practising.

When I finish doing each Seven-a-day session, DoodleMaths says things like “Perfect”, “Awesome”, “Excellent”, “Well Done” and “Not Bad”. I want to get more Perfects and Awesomes!

The Parent’s View – Sophie, 33-and-a-half

We are now well into the second half of the school holidays and DoodleMaths is still going down very well.

Most mornings begin with Tabitha coming downstairs and asking me if she can have a go at DoodleMaths – this shows a degree of enthusiasm for her subject that I’m not convinced I always showed as a child!

Maths can be a subject that some children can tune out of, but the key to DoodleMaths’ success is how it blends entertainment with tuition. For the majority of the time she is on the app, Tabitha is not aware that she is improving her maths – she is simply enjoying herself. But when, at the end of an exercise, the app points out how many questions she has got right, her confidence definitely increases.

We had a few days visiting family in Wales a few weeks ago, and Tabitha happily worked her way through some Doodle questions on the drive there. She was also keen to give her grandpop the lowdown on how the app worked – a sure sign of enthusiasm!

A weekly email continues to give me an update on how much time Tabitha is spending on the app and what areas she is improving. Pleasingly, the time has not dropped off, so she is clearly engaged and enjoying her maths.

The reason we downloaded DoodleMaths in the first place was to keep Tabitha’s maths bubbling away over the summer holiday. It’s been a wise move as barely a day has gone by without some arithmetic being done. It will be fascinating to see how Tabitha fares in her first week back at school following the summer holiday.

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