Tabitha’s blog Part 3

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In the third part of our real-life insight into the way DoodleMaths works, our two guest bloggers give their view on the app’s benefits. Following the start of a new school year, six-year-old pupil Tabitha and her mum, Sophie, consider what impact the app has made to Tabitha’s maths over the summer holiday.

The Pupil’s View – Tabitha, six-and-a-half

DoodleMaths has been fabulous even throughout the very, very end of the summer holidays. Going back to school it has helped me do amazing at maths! At school, I got a sticker that said “You did it”!!! because I got all my divide sums correct!!! I am better at amounts of money and three digit number sums. Everything on Doodle Maths has helped me do better at school because it is an awesome app.

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It’s great because there is so much to do on it like: New This Week, Seven- A- Day, Games Pages, Topic Index and My Back Pages. There’s a Parents section for mum and dad. I’ve given my pet cat on the app a name, she’s called Molly. I have reached 350 Doodle Stars, which means I can choose different things for her to wear. I’ve started doing algebra with letters like n or x or p. And the 14 times table, it’s brilliant. On the Topic Index I’ve done things like Word Solving, plus, minus, times tables and division. It is perfect and amazing doing DoodleMaths most days and peaceful too.

The Parent’s View – Sophie, 33-and-a-half

It’s been just over two months since we downloaded DoodleMaths as part of a plan to keep Tabitha’s maths ticking over during the summer holiday. Has her enthusiasm for the app dipped during that time? No. Does she still ask me every morning whether she can do an exercise or two on it? Yes. But I suppose the most important question is whether the time she has spent on the app has improved her mathematics. And, judging by the response from Tabitha and her teacher in the first couple of weeks back at school, the answer is a resounding Yes.

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