Features of DoodleMaths v2.0

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The latest version of DoodleMaths went live in the App Store this morning and I’m pleased to say, so far so good! We’ve packed it full of new features and moved things around a bit. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • 1) You’ll be prompted to create an parent account. This enables you to back up your child’s work program on-line; sync work programs between devices (including Android from next month); track progress from the parent dashboard at parents.doodlemaths.com
  • 2) We’ve hidden the Topic Index. Some cheeky monkeys have been racking up doodlestars by working on the same topic repeatedly. Whilst it gets them stars, it doesn’t help them progress mathematically, which is what we’re all about. It’s still available, in the parent’s section.
  • 3) You can retrieve your PIN number. A long-standing glitch, this has been replaced by a retreivable password (go to parents.doodlemaths.com to retrieve or reset).
  • 4) Your child’s DoodleMaths Age may have changed slightly (and likely downwards). We’re sorry about this. We have added new content and aligned ourselves with the new (harder) national curriculum that was introduced in September. More is expected of children at a younger age now, and this is reflected in the app.
  • 5) You can message your child from the parent’s dashboard. This feature has proved popular with schools users, so we’ve integrated it into the home user version too.
  • 6) You can log in as a schools user.
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This latest update has paved the way for future updates, too. Here’s what’s coming:

  • 1) Next month will see the release of our long-awaited Android version
  • 2) Along with this release will be a full graphic overhaul of the app. Improved layout, usability and question diagrams.
  • 3) More detailed reporting and a reassessment feature will be viewable in the parent’s dashboard (and also the teacher dashboard).
  • 4) Teachers will also be able to set work remotely for individuals or the whole class from the teacher dashboard.
  • 5) We are introducing a new game for children to be able to practice specific times tables.
  • 6) We will be introducing a subscription pricing model. If you’ve already paid for your lifetime membership, this will always be valid, but new home-users will be charged £3.99 per month to reflect our high ongoing engagement levels and align ourselves more with our web-based competitors.

All our development is in line within ongoing customer feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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