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The creators of DoodleMaths – explain what to look for when choosing an educational app for your school.

The last time we looked, there were 20,000 maths apps available for UK schools to choose from. And that’s just maths! How on earth do you even begin to wade through a list that large and choose the right product for your students? It’s an important decision too, that could make a big difference – positively or negatively – to their confidence and your school results.

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As maths teachers ourselves, we developed DoodleMaths because we recognised that a well-designed app could complement the whole-class learning structure our children encounter in school. We suggest you consider the following criteria when assessing an app or learning programme for your school:

  • Is it personalized?
  • Does it reflect the National Curriculum or is it just a game?
  • Does it offer too much choice?
  • Does it come recommended?
  • Does it have an easy-to-use teacher interface?
  • Is it cost effective?

Is it personalized?

One of the benefits of using technology to help children learn is that good apps can constantly adapt to suit your child’s competencies and areas of difficulty, not just at a broad level but on a truly personalized basis. If the app doesn’t do this, you might as well just buy a textbook.

Does it reflect the National Curriculum or is it just a game?

It depends what you want the app for, but a well-designed product will engage children as they learn, and it makes sense for the learning programme to reflect what’s being covered at school.

Does it offer too much choice?

Children don’t necessarily choose what’s best for them (hmmm, broccoli or ice-cream?), especially when it comes to their education. And if they’re struggling with a subject they’re even more likely to avoid it. So choose an app that restricts choice and gently encourages your child to repeat tasks they find difficult till they’ve grasped them.

What does it cost?

There are lots of free apps out there but you really do get what you pay for. Equally, shop around, you don’t need to spend heaps.

Does it come recommended?

We would say this but DoodleMaths is the UK’s top-selling primary maths app for a reason: it works! It’s not always easy to figure out which app might suit your child, so ask other schools and parents for their recommendations, and read the reviews on the App Store to get some tips.

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