Rewarding children for effort

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One of DoodleMaths’ main aims is to build a child’s confidence in maths. This confidence comes from working independently, but it is, of course, essential that a child should feel they can ask for help in a classroom setting.

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From our experience in working with children, this is what we’ve learnt about asking for help:

  • If they have low confidence in maths, they ask too freely when they don’t actually need help.
  • If they risk failure, but then get the answer right, it will build their confidence.
  • If they get it wrong, their confidence is still in tact because they already knew it was a tricky question.

DoodleMaths encourages children to attempt the questions for themselves before pressing help. And, as they keep trying and put in the effort, they are rewarded for this effort with DoodleStars. As each DoodleMaths programme is unique to the child, hard work takes precedence over ability, which creates a level playing field in the classroom.


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