Summer holidays: what to do when the weather turns British

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Ah, the British summer holidays. Nostalgia encourages us to think of day trips to the beach, bucket and spade in hand, and picnics in the local park. Sadly, the reality of our summer time is stolen moments of sun, alongside many forlorn glances out the window at the dark rainclouds heading our way!

We’ve put together a handy list of ways to keep your children occupied when the weather inevitably turns British. Enjoy!

Turn your little one into a chef

Look for nice easy recipes like these mini pizza quiches or milkshake ice pops!

Teach them how to play your favourite childhood board games

Who says the best games are on a computer screen? Challenge them to a game of Uno, or see who can buy the most hotels in Monopoly.

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Stay in touch

Help them write letters or postcards to grandparents, uncles, aunties, and friends, telling them everything they’ve been up to on their holidays so far, and what they still hope to do over the summer.

Start a time capsule

Get out your camera and film them sharing who their friends are, their favourite TV shows, their dreams, ready to play back to them in years to come.

X marks the spot

Create a treasure hunt around your house with fun riddles as clues.

Top secret

Teach them how to make secret messages using invisible ink (aka, lemon juice and a lamp!).


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