Maths games to play on your car journeys this summer

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Recently, we gave you some great ways to keep the kids occupied even when the weather isn’t on our side. When you do decide to venture out, here’s a list of activities to try out on your next car journey with the kids, inspired by Rob Eastaway & Mike Askew’s book, Maths On The Go!

Using vehicles to score points 

Each caravan you see is worth 2 points, and each lorry is worth 5 points. Count together as you see each vehicle, or work out how many caravans and lorries you would have to see to reach a certain target number.

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Are we there yet?

Use the space between your hands to show how long you have been travelling so far, and then show them how long they have left until you reach your destination. It will help children understand how different amounts of time relate to each other.

How much?

Think about what your child’s favourite hobbies are, and then show them a £5 or £10 note. If they were given £10 a week, ask them how many weeks it would take them to save for something like a new bike, or a swimming pool. Not only does this build on their multiplication skills, but it also gives them a good idea on the value of money.

Travelling with the family pet?

Work out how old each of your family members would be in dog (x7) or cat (x6) years.

How much are you worth?

Using the letters in your name, what is your number if vowels = 3 and consonants = 6? You can then use this formula for working out how much car names are worth, e.g. KIA would be worth 12 points.

Addition puzzles using wordsI Spy with shapes

Tell the children you can spy a triangle, and then ask them to look around as you travel and tell you all the things they can see that are triangle-shaped.

Can you guess which number I’m thinking of?

Think of a number and ask your children to guess within 10 questions using yes or no questions, such as “Is it an even number?” or “Is it a multiple of 3?”

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