Creating that DoodleMaths buzz in your school

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Creating the right buzz around DoodleMaths in your school will bring all kinds of benefits beyond the obvious step-up in attainment. Your class will develop new-found independent learning skills and become more self-confident mathematicians, too. So here’s out top tips from our best Doodle-Schools all over the country…

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  1. Celebrate in the classroom. Project the class DoodleStars leaderboard onto your interactive whiteboard, and make your Top Doodlers your “Star of the Day”. Remember that because every child is working at their own level, DoodleStars reward effort, not ability, giving every child the chance to shine.
  2. Celebrate in the school. Reward the week’s Top Doodlers with a certificate (download them here).
  3. Challenge another class.
  4. Engage parents. You can link parents to their children’s accounts through the teacher dashboard, or parents can do it themselves through the app. This way they can monitor and encourage progress using the Parent Connect app.
  5. Make sure social features are enabled (from April 2017). This will enable children to safely send messages to other class members – but they have to answer questions first. Enable messaging and other social features from the Teacher Dashboard.
  6. Send messages yourself (from April 2017). Use the Teacher Connect app or the dashboard to send messages of encouragement to your class.
  7. A weekly Thursday/Friday DoodleMaths club will help along those who haven’t earned, say, 50 stars that week, fostering good habits in every individual.
  8. Drop us a line – we can pop some goodies in the post to keep the buzz going!

Every school needs a DoodleMaths champion to get this set up. It doesn’t have to be a teacher – it could be a teaching assistant, a governor or even an enthusiastic parent. The immediate rewards will rapidly become apparent!

Article by Tom Minor

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