Inspiring mathematical minds…Tewkesbury C of E Primary School and DoodleMaths

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It was my absolute pleasure to visit the children and staff of Tewkesbury CE Primary school last week. An inspirational school which embraces children’s passion for technology in their world of learning. There are times in a teacher’s life when you encounter something so powerful you wish you could share it with the world…and this was one of them!

I arrive in a special space. A culture carefully designed to encourage and foster confidence in mathematics. Captivation and engagement, motivation and excitement – it’s everywhere! This is a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment. Here, DoodleMaths is deeply embedded in a fantastic mathematics culture. It seems to seamlessly support quality teaching and it inspires. It is a rare, but outstanding example, of a primary school benefitting from a full time member of staff specializing in IT provision – and the impact is obvious! We often talk of the power of personalised learning and continual progression as teachers – and of course DoodleMaths delivers this.

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Today though, for me, observing and listening to these amazing children paints a picture of what this actually looks like in practice! At first, the children are desperate to share their views. I am bombarded with excited talk about which DoodlePets they have and am given countless ideas for new accessories to spend their DoodleStars on. All helpful feedback of course and DoodleMaths engagement levels are clearly high!


But, beyond this, the teacher in me is delighted to observe DoodleMaths in action in the classroom. As part of routine. Where teachers are using every opportunity to enrich children’s mathematical learning. Technology is not a barrier here…it is embraced. And, as children work with a great level of independence, I take the opportunity to dig a little deeper into their thoughts: “Show me how you think DoodleMaths is helping you with maths…” I ask. The children clearly have a deep understanding of why they are using DoodleMaths. They speak openly about what they like, but also why it’s important to them and how it helps their mathematical mind develop.

The children’s ability to express their opinions and demonstrate how DoodleMaths is helping them is so powerful. Their explicit explanations of how DoodleMaths adapts to their responses to suit them; how the pitch and support in the app fosters independent learning; and how they simply love making progress in their maths learning is a powerful reminder of why I’m here.


These children have a love of learning that is simply infectious. You can’t help but get swept up in their passion and enthusiasm. But, they also have a focus beyond their years when it comes to learning. They want to achieve…and then some! Being gifted the opportunity to see these children use DoodleMaths so effectively as their tool of choice is a real pleasure!

It’s a reminder of the positive impact DoodleMaths can have. It’s a reminder of the what good learning can look like. It’s a reminder of how touch-screen technology can inspire minds. How it can inspire true confidence in maths. A massive ‘thank you’ to the children and staff of Tewkesbury CE Primary School for a fantastic welcome!

Article by Tom Minor

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