Our new release of DoodleMaths created for you!

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Dear Doodlers: you have spoken, we have listened. We would like to present to you our new version of DoodleMaths, created just for you!

Goodbye v4.0.5, welcome v4.1.0! Ok, enough of the tech-talk – here’s what’s coming your way…

New and updated material

Our curriculum team have reviewed all the mathematical content within the app, adding some mastery questions for more able learners, and extra examples in the concept explanations where necessary.

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Hints and Lesson Explanationshelp

Each question has its own unique hint. When answering questions, your students/children can now ask for a short and snappy ‘hint’ as a reminder to support learning. With over 20,000 questions in our database, this has been a monumental task for our curriculum team. Bravo! Students can still review the lesson explanation unique to the mathematical concept they are working on. But they will also be able to message their teacher or parent to ask for help (see further on). By popular request, students will no longer lose a star if the help button has been used.

Social featureshalloffame

We would like to present to you our new social features including MY FRIENDS, where students will be able to message and congratulate their class friends on their achievements, work hard to make their way to the top of their class leaderboard and perhaps even into the DoodleMaths HALL OF FAME!
With e-safety high on the agenda, here at DoodleMaths we have taken every step to help parents and teachers promote responsible use of these new social features. My Friends is a closed, controlled and monitored environment, perfect for children to start learn e-safety and e-etiquette. Our super tech team have added the following features to ensure you have control over My Friends:
  • A bad-language filter
  • From the teacher dashboard, teachers have complete control over which social features their class can use out of leaderboards, secret files, and messaging
  • Messaging can be reported to teachers and parents if children have a concern
  • Messages cannot be deleted
  • As a teacher, you can download the message history for any child.
Why not tie in the release of My Friends with a lesson on e-safety? Here are some great free resources to get you started:
  • NSPCC – an excellent resource bank to support your school’s teaching of online safety aligned to the National Curriculum.
  • BBC Stay Safe – Information, resources videos and games on staying safe online
  • Digiduck’s Big Decision – a brilliant and beautifully illustrated e-safety story for young children aged 3-7


“A recent study carried out by the University of Bath found that in a sample of 128 children, those who use DoodleMaths for just 20 minutes per week were 4 times less likely to experience learning loss over the 6 week summer break” -Lyons, S. & Joiner, R

Easter accessories

Given the astonishing results of the work by the University of Bath (see above) we are increasingly recognising the importance of that children do not experience learning loss after holidays such as the Easter break. Therefore, (and as requested by the children!), we have added new Easter accessories! There are even hidden incentives – can your pupils/children crack the Easter Egg code?

Customer feedback – how we have listened to you

  • Asking for help  will not jeopardise children’s earning of stars. Children are now able to use the Hint and Lesson Explanation features whilst still being able to earn their Doodle Stars!
  • We have new incorrect answer sounds!
  • Children now have the choice between having a pet, robot or coach to spend their golden Doodle Stars on!
  • Children from all Key Stages will be able to choose between a pet, a robot or a coach
  • Little bugs have been squashed such as improvements on synchronisation!


We know what you’re thinking: Will I need update the app? Well, the new features will only be available if you do, but if you don’t want them, we will not be forcing an update. We have timed the release to coincide with the Easter Holidays to ensure that schools have time to update to the new app. Once a child has logged into the new version of the app, we recommend they do not log back into an old version.
Work never stops at DoodleMaths. We always want to know how DoodleMaths is working for you and how we can work to improve things for you in the future – let us know!


Happy Doodling!
Article by Laura Young-Santos

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