Navigating the new Teacher Dashboard

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The information in this post was correct at the time of writing in April 2017. Find out about updates to the Teacher Dashboard in August 2019.

We hope you like the new-look Teacher Dashboard! We’ve added lots of new features, but at the same time made it easier to navigate. Here’s what you’ll find:


You can quickly message students, teachers and even parents through this feature. You can message in bulk too. Students and parents will pick the messages up in their respective apps (have your students’ parents downloaded the Parent Connect app yet?). Students can only reply if you have enabled messaging (see later). Teachers can reply through the website or the Teacher Connect app.

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Under ‘Students’ there are two new actions. ‘Message History’ allows you to download all the messages your students have sent or received – this is for e-safety purposes. ‘My Friends Settings’ allows you to control which aspects of the ‘My Friends’ section of the app your students have access to out of Hall of Fame, Secret Files, and Messaging.

The first two are defaulted to ‘on’, the latter to ‘off’. When your class discover messaging within the app they will ask you to switch it on. Use your discretion – in trials, it was found to be most effective when switched on for a short period of time (say, a week) as a reward for hard work.


We have made a few changes here to make the data more digestible. Historic increases in DoodleMaths Age are now displayed in months, and we have eliminated all ‘0’ results.

We’ve sped up the queries that run Gap Analysis – these queries often have to analyse thousands of questions answered, aggregating question responses and aligning them to the national curriculum statements.

You may also notice that in Manage Students we have moved all actions related to work programs to Leaderboards. This is where you will now find Report, Added Extras and Gap Analysis.

Article by Tom Minor

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