Here at DoodleMaths we welcome summer with our newest version of DoodleMaths.

Here are the latest features you can find in our newest version of DoodleMaths, 4.1.4:


Transitioning between apps. You can now move children across apps!










  1. In order to move your child across to the next app, please first download the desired app onto your device (4+, 7+ or 11+).
  2. Enter your child’s login details on the desired version, and when prompted, simply enter your parent password.
  3. Upon switching apps, your child will be assessment mode in order for the app to adjust accordingly to your child’s level. Parents, you know the drill – no helping!

Please note, children will not loose their DoodleStars nor DoodlePets due to switching version’s of DoodleMaths. We advise whenever possible for children to use the app that corresponds to their age.


Coconut shy game!

Watch out for our new Coconut shy game! Priced at 300 DoodleStars we hope our new Coconut Shy Game will give children the incentive to want to earn lots of stars. WARNING – it may cause DoodleMania!










Summer Accessories!

Things have been getting summery at DoodleHQ! Children can now use their DoodleStars to buy Summer accessories to really make their avatar stand out. Choose between scrumptious ice creams, refreshing swimming pools, the coconut shy game and much much more…


From all of us at DoodleMaths, we wish all teachers, students and parents a magnificent summer and well earned rest!

Pssssstttttt! Please do not hesitate to contact us throughout the summer – we will still be available Monday to Friday! Our DoodleTeam are working on a few exciting things for September… watch this space!


Article by:
DoodleMaths Team

    • Laura Young-Santos , commented on

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for getting in touch. Please ensure that you are on the latest version of DoodleMaths, 5.0.10.

      All coconuts need to be knocked off to collect them.

      Any further questions, please do get in contact with our customer care team.

      All good wishes, Laura


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