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On your marks, get set, GO!  September 2017, and it’s off to a flying start to the new academic year as we introduce our newest version of DoodleMaths. Welcome 4.2.0!

Once again, you have spoken and we have listened. We would like to present our newest version of DoodleMaths created just for you!

Introducing our new question styles and 1000s of new questions

Work never stops for our curriculum team. We have added 1000s of new questions and involving many new interactive question styles, maximising the use of touchscreen – as we believe children learn through doing, not watching.  

  • Introduction to division for our youngest Doodlers 
  • Sequencing for our youngest Doodlers
  • New enhanced question styles for all 4 operations


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Shape and measurement

  • Children are now able to weigh and compare the weight of objects using our new scales questions
  • Our new ruler measurement question style is super-clever, initially snapping the ruler to zero and in the correct orientation before withdrawing this support
  • Introducing our new grid question style! Doodlers can now plot points and lines to answer questions on topics such as lines of symmetry, translations, navigation and coordinates

2 3 All aboard Top Doodlers in the US!

We are very excited to announce that DoodleMaths is launching fully in the US. Thousands of lessons and questions have been re-written and aligned to the US Common Core Standards. We are currently working on full alignment to the Australian Curriculum too.  

Introducing our shiny new features to your Teacher Dashboard – Added Extras Analysis

We know that Added Extras is a very popular tool for some teachers. Therefore, we have added an analysis page where you can see exactly how children have performed on the most recent extras you have assigned for them. unnamedStreak Analysis

Streak analysis will allow you to get a quick overview of your class’ effort over the last fortnight. unnamed-1Adding classes

When adding new classes and pupils, you are now able to create your own pupils’ usernames and passwords, as well as being able to import lists from a variety of different formats.  

DoodleMaths (Times Tables) analysis

We believe Times Tables is a significant part of your pupils’ mathematics learning. Your pupils will now be able to use their DoodleMaths logins when using DoodleMaths (Times Tables) enabling you to monitor their Times Tables on your Teacher Dashboard. With a breakdown of every child’s knowledge of each times table – we are sure you’ll love this new feature!  

We know what you’re thinking: Will I need update the app? Well, the new features will only be available if you do, but if you don’t want them, we will not be forcing an update. Once a child has logged into the new version of the app, we recommend they do not log back into an old version. Work never stops at DoodleMaths.


We always want to know how DoodleMaths is working for you and how we can work to improve things for you in the future – let us know! Happy Doodling!

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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