What are DoodleMaths ages?

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We calculate this by looking at the point your child is in their work program in terms of the level of questions they are currently being asked. We then compare this to the average age of other children in our system who are at a similar point in their program.

How does it work?

When a child first starts using the app, all the questions they receive are designed to calibrate the work program to their level. As they continue using the app, they are given a DoodleMaths Age and the proportion of calibration questions drops significantly.

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My child’s DoodleMaths Age is too low

Occasionally a DoodleMaths Age can come out a little too low or too high. Sometimes, if children find a series of questions quite tricky, their DoodleMaths Age can decrease.

If their DoodleMaths Age is too low, we recommend leaving it (unless the work programme is excessively easy), as the app will calibrate up to the correct level quickly without any loss of confidence to the child.

My child’s DoodleMaths Age is too high

If your child is finding the questions in the app too challenging, their DoodleMaths Age may be too high. This can sometimes happen if they have had help answering questions or if their details have been input incorrectly. 

If their DoodleMaths Age is too high, we recommend logging into the Parent Dashboard, going to Manage > Children and under Actions, and selecting ‘Force Recalibration’ – this will put the app back into calibration mode and reset it to the correct level (if it’s a school account, ask your child’s teacher to do this). If a child receives lots of questions early on which are too hard, they‘ll lose confidence.

My child’s DoodleMaths Age is lower than their actual age!

Don’t be alarmed if your child has a DoodleMaths Age lower than their actual age – statistically this is the case for half our users.

The most important thing is that the questions they are being asked are sufficiently challenging to them as an individual to ensure progress, without being excessively difficult and leaving them demoralised. Children will not improve their own standard of maths until their confidence has been restored – this is key!


If you still think there is may be a problem with your child’s Doodle Age, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our FAQ page, and we can manually adjust your child’s DoodleMaths Age.

Article by Tom Minor

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