Say hello to DoodleMaths – our new single unified app – 5.0.0!

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Doodlers: you have spoken, we have listened.

Our developers have worked extremely hard to compress the content from the three DoodleMaths apps into one. We have also optimised the entire app so you will get a smoother experience as you move around. Say hello to DoodleMaths – the new single unified app containing the entire curriculum for 4 – 14 year olds! Children will no longer need to switch apps to the next version. Children just need to work continuously at their individual level until they have mastered it all. So, what do you need to do now?

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For 4+ and 11+ simply delete the 4+ or 11+ app on all your devices, then download the new unified app. Log on as usual and voilà you’re ready to go!

For 7+ simply update your app to the latest version and voilà, you’re ready to login and continue using DoodleMaths! Pssst – we know you’re thinking it… Do not panic! Your child’s progress and stars will not be lost in the process of updating to our latest version of DoodleMaths.      

We have also added the ability for teachers to sign in and have the students select themselves from the class list. This means children will spend less time signing in and more time Doodling!

We have revamped the Monkey Madness game with a more up to date fresh look and feel.

We have squashed all bugs and made extensive improvements!

Work never stops at DoodleMaths. We always want to know how DoodleMaths is working for you and how we can work to improve things for you in the future – let us know!

Happy Doodling!

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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