Creative ways to fund DoodleMaths in your school

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The primary aim in school remains the same as always – delivering high quality, enriching learning experiences that support and develop every one of our pupils to meet their full potential. But, everyone knows that money is exceptionally tight in schools right now and “balancing the books” is part of any purchasing decision.

Tightening of your purse strings doesn’t stop DoodleMaths being the best solution for your school. After all, DoodleMaths offers unique personalisation, breadth and balance and supports best teaching practice while keeping teacher administration to a minimum. Many of our schools have maths curriculum and homework development at the front of the queue when it comes to their priorities. And, that’s why they come to us. There’s no question that DoodleMaths is a cost-effective solution for them – but where are they finding the funds in their squeezed overall budget? Well…

Using whole school improvement budget for impact

It’s highly likely that targeting underperforming groups, progress, attainment and standards in maths are priorities on your Senior Leadership Teams action plans and DoodleMaths would meet the required criteria for impact in spades! It’s unique personalisation to each child sets it apart from other products in terms of the impact you can expect and its ease of use helps embed whole school practice.

Using Pupil Premium funding effectively

DoodleMaths helps close the attainment gap in maths and adapts to know each child and support them at just the right level. It’s the best at what it does and a perfect fit for Pupil Premium spend. Publicly-funded schools in England currently receive £1320 (Primary) or £935 (Secondary) funding for each child that is currently eligible for pupil premium.

Of course, investing through Pupil Premium gives funded pupils what they need but also offers a unique maths tutor that supports each one of your school’s pupils individual needs at the same time. What’s good for one is good for another in this case!

Spending the Maths budget wisely

What priorities is your Maths Subject Lead working towards? Are they looking for ways to show measurable impact with their budget spend? Do other resources really personalise to the needs of each student like DoodleMaths?

If your Maths Lead is unaware of how DoodleMaths is likely to be the answer for them, let us know and we’ll support you with some explanatory video to help them make an informed choice.

Re-allocating existing budget

Have you considered how funds are currently being allocated to maths resources in your school? Digital resource, the textbook on the shelf and your practical maths resources – do they currently add value for money? Can this money be better spent? Check out current spends that are coming up for renewal.

Don’t be afraid to engage your parents

We appreciate that schools historically have been reluctant to engage with parents over funding of resources in the fear that they are questioned over finance management. But everyone’s read the recent funding articles in the media, right? It’s a UK-wide thing!

The vast majority of parents ultimately want the best education for their child. At a cost of as little as £6 per pupil, DoodleMaths is easily accessible through PTA funding or parental contributions.

DoodleMaths cakes

Many of our schools have told us that once parents realise a “fundraiser” is to support a maths tutor that really does personalise to their own child’s unique needs for as little as £5 per year, parents are keen to support. Of course, a quality product at this price that helps parents support their children’s learning at home 365 days a year as well is pretty good value for money! PTA fundraisers, cake sales and a whole host of sponsored events – a number of our schools enjoy thinking outside the box!

Ultimately, it’s about getting the right product to enhance teaching and learning priorities and deliver high impact for our children. Once we’ve established the product meets our school need and is better than its alternatives, at this point we should consider whether it’s cost-effective. High-impact outcomes for every pupil at as little as £6 ticks that box!

Article by Tom Minor

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