Have yourself a maths-y little Christmas, don’t let your hard work slide♬

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The festive season can be a wonderful yet very frantic time of year where Nativity plays, glitter and infinite amounts of yummy food can cause maths to go by the wayside. Children can quickly forget what they’ve learnt, and also get out of the habit of using the left (logical) side of the brain.

Holiday brain drain is very real, so, to help continue to drive children’s regular engagement throughout the festive season we’ve added a fantastic advent calendar that encourages and promotes children to build up a high streak! All Doodlers need to do is complete their daily maths before a calendar door is unlDoodleMaths new release mathsocked and a new seasonal accessory is available.

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Have you tried monitoring Streak Analysis on the Teacher Dashboard?

Try monitoring Streak Analysis using our streak metric to ensure usage doesn’t drop over the festive season. A child’s streak is how many consecutive days they have used the app. Streak analysis will allow you to get a quick overview of your class’ effort over the last fortnight. Set clear goals with your class over the festive season about what they are aiming for.

Our studies show that children using DoodleMaths for 10 minutes, every day, progress faster than those who use it for 60 minutes once a week – you can see why the power of little and often is something we strongly believe in!  We recommend you reward streak as much as the number of DoodleStars earned.  Streak analysis maths Take a look at our National Leaderboard to see whether your pupils have made the top ten on our streak metric!

  Try monitoring Streak Analysis on your Teacher Dashboard now! Happy Doodling!  

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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