Tricky Questions

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New this 2018, we have added a new help feature for children. Children can now save questions they find difficult and return to them later when they have help from a parent, teacher, TA, peer or reading partner. All children need to do is press or click the ‘help’ button. This will then skip the question and store it in their bank of tricky questions, found as ‘Tricky’ on their home page. Very soon, this information will be readily available on both the Teacher and Parent apps – our DoodleTechies are currently working it!

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Make the most out of this feature!

  1. During guided sessions, your LSA could take individuals to tackle those tricky questions!
  2. Peer support – get your children in partners to peer teach so carefully matched children can demonstrate and practice fluency in maths!
  3. Self learning – your children could write their own set of homework questions based on the concept they found tricky!


Article by Laura Young-Santos

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