In the last of our series of blogs about taking DoodleMaths to Nigeria, we look into children’s experience with technology prior to using the tablets.

Tom, our co-founder who visited, commented, “Computing is part of the curriculum in Nigeria. But not all children have access to computers – in fact, most don’t. When I arrived in Lagos, I wanted to understand a little more about children’s exposure to technology – the video below is the lesson I observed”.

In the particular school visited, Computing was taught using very old text books and rote chanting (a common teaching technique given lack of resources and culture). You’ll see at the end of the video that most children had previously seen a monitor. However, when it came to using the tablets, almost none had used one before. This was evident in the first lesson – children had to be taught the very basics of how to switch on the tablet. In the first few days, on average it took a child over a minute to answer a question in DoodleMaths (this is a factor in our adaptive algorithms). Worldwide, the average is 17 seconds. As of 12th March, in Nigeria, the average time is 15 seconds per question – a function not just of greater fluency in maths, but familiarity with the DoodleMaths question styles and a new-found confidence with the technology.

“There’s no doubt children have benefited in multiple ways as a result of this project,” stated Tom. “It’s inspiring for us all to be part of it, and the more children we can extend this to, the better.”

UK aid from the British people

DoodleMaths was taken into 23 low-cost private schools in Makoko and Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria as part of the DEEPEN Challenge funded by UK Aid. Watch out for further news on DoodleMaths in Nigeria!

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  1. Nana Samuel Olushola , commented on

    My gratitude goes to Tom Mino who made it possible for our school (KPS) to take part from this doodle math program. It was very hard for them to use in the first time but to God be the glory I have a lot of students who have thousands of star in this doodle math. It shows that our students have know more about technology. Thanks once again for bringing the tablet to makoko, yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Most especially our school ken-ade private school.

    • Laura Young-Santos , commented on

      Hi there, thank you for your lovely comment! We are very happy to see how DoodleMaths is helping the children at your school. Make sure to check out our TopDoodlers leaderboard where you may spot your students. Happy Doodling!

    • Laura Young-Santos , commented on

      Hi there, Tom was only able to go out for a few days this time. I am sure he will be able to visit you and your school soon. Happy Doodling!

  2. Mirabel Samuel , commented on

    There is no doubt about the wonders of DoodleMaths in Nigeria. I’m so glad I’m part of it. We scaling higher heights.


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