Welcome: DoodleMaths 5.0.7 and DoodleMaths (Times Tables) 2.0.5!

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Watch out! We would like to welcome our latest version of DoodleMaths 5·0·7 and DoodleMaths (TimesTables) 2·0·5, which will be released at the end of the week.

Work never stops at DoodleMaths. The DoodleMaths technicians and product development team are always working on improving DoodleMaths, in addition to coming up with new features that will improve your child’s experience with the app.

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There are various aspects of the DoodleMaths system, all of which work harmoniously together. The technicians are working all the time, mainly on improving and adding new features, but also on some minor bug fixes. It is therefore important to ensure that your DoodleMaths app on your school and home devices are always updated to the latest version of DoodleMaths. This is crucially important to ensure your child is able to access the latest programme improvements, features and seasonal games.

Most recently, our DoodleMaths techies have been working on some of the behind-the-scenes of DoodleMaths for you and your TopDoodlers, as well as a few new and very exciting features such as…

  • New healthy usage features!
  • Changes in MyFriends messaging!
  • Streak improvements!
  • And watch out! Our techies have had some fun hiding the secret Easter eggs in the DoodleMaths (Times Tables) app – in time for our #DoodleMathsChallenge!

Introducing our new healthy usage messaging

It’s time to create healthy habits with technology and DoodleMaths!

If children use technology in the appropriate environments and with the correct supervision and monitoring, children can benefit greatly from interaction with technology. Here at DoodleMaths we really value screen time safety and educating children on how to use technology in healthy amounts.

To further promote healthy habits with screen time safety, we have introduced a new healthy usage feature where children are warned when they have reached their healthy usage limit for the day.

DoodleMaths healthy usage

The limit is 200 stars per day. Once your Doodler goes over 200 stars the app will lock everything that allows you to earn stars.

In the case that you would like your Doodler to continue using DoodleMaths, adults can put their password in, where it will override the limit, but only for that day. The next day it will revert back to a 200 stars limit.

We will celebrate all TopDoodlers that use DoodleMaths in a healthy way by displaying all of those children that earn 1400 stars in a week on our TopDoodlers leaderboard.

Will you spot your TopDoodler on our national leaderboard?

Read more about screen time safety, in our recent blog post, where we give you our top tips on how to establish screen time healthy habits.  

Changes to MyFriends messaging

If your Doodlers are logged in as school users, either using their individual username or as a class student, then they cannot send messages to or receive messages from parents. Only Doodlers that are home users logged in under their parent’s username can send or receive messages to their parents.

New streak feature

Streaks can be very important to a lot of our DoodleMaths users. Some Doodlers can gain streaks of hundreds of days from continuous use. Our Top Record is currently held by TopDoodler Noah who has earned a phenomenal 678 day streak! Woweeeee!!

Life is full of surprises and for circumstances outside of people’s control we have given children the opportunity to gain back their streak to ensure children keep motivated and engaged with their maths work programmes.

So, how does it work?

Let’s say it’s Monday and your Doodler has earned a streak of 100 days. To keep their streak they would need to do work on the next day, Tuesday. However, let’s say your Doodler missed Tuesday for some reason and now it’s Wednesday. Your Doodler can log in to DoodleMaths and is now offered the chance to do Tuesday’s work to help keep their streak. Your Doodler must complete Wednesday’s work after, therefore completing two days worth.

If your Doodler skipped two days however, and next opened DoodleMaths on Thursday – no more chances – their streak gets reset instantly and you start again from 1!

DoodleTables) version 2.0.5 release

Make sure to watch out for our new release of DoodleMaths (Times Tables) as our DoodleMaths tech team have been hiding some secret Easter eggs in the app in time for our #DoodleMathsChallenge… can your TopDoodlers find them to unveil the secret phrase and WIN our prize? You can find out more here!DoodleMaths competition

Happy Doodling!

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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