National Teacher Day

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This special week falls next week, from May 7th – May 11th, and in anticipation we have created our top 5 ways to celebrate this special day.  

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  1. Hang a sign on each classroom door. Every child in each class must at some point throughout the day write one thing they appreciate about their teacher.
  2. A question of the day for you and your fellow colleagues in the staff room: who was your favourite teacher and why?
  3. In an upcoming school council meeting, children could bake up some cookies for the staff room for you and your colleagues to enjoy on National Teacher’s Day.
  4. Assembly celebrations! Switch up next week’s celebration assembly and get a child from each class to award their class teacher with a certificate of appreciation.
  5. Run a National Teacher’s Day contest to determine who knows their teacher best! In an assembly, bring all teachers to the front of the hall with one child from their class to interview the children about their teachers.

  Make sure you come back to read next week’s blog where we will have a special feature on National Teacher Day!   


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Article by Laura Young-Santos

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