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Welcome back to the summer term with our newest version of DoodleMaths 5.0.8!

With SATs far behind us and the enduring report writing finally coming to an end, now is the perfect time to work on creating a healthy habit following our little-and-often approach with your Doodlers. By doing so, you can make sure your Doodlers will build confidence in mathematics over the holiday and beat the summer brain drain!

To further promote our little-and-often approach, we have introduced a new feature that allows you to set daily reminders to do your DoodleMaths.

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How to make the most out of this feature

When updating your app to our newest version, 5.0.8, the app will detect that children haven’t set their notification and will offer to show them the new DoodleMaths feature.

All children have to do is simply choose when they would like to be notified to complete their maths for the day and your Doodlers can begin to create a healthy habit using DoodleMaths to build confidence in maths.

If you would like to tweak the notification times and days at any point, just go into your Grown Ups area within the app and click on ‘Settings’. Top 10 Doodlers

The little-and-often approach is central to how DoodleMaths works. Just 10 minutes a day is proven to raise achievement in maths. We  would therefore like to give some recognition and a big round of applause to our Top Doodlers who have earned spectacular streaks, demonstrating what you can do with a few minutes each day. Congratulations Top Doodlers, you are all Doodle-tastic!

Make sure to watch out for our upcoming holiday competition to beat the summer brain drain! Details to follow… 

New login system

GDPR DoodleMaths

At DoodleMaths, we are always working hard to continually develop the app to ensure our educational technology supports and empowers you in your teaching. Whilst GDPR has brought many good things to the world of tech, an unfortunate consequence with our system is that we have removed the ability for you to view your children’s passwords as these are now stored encrypted. We strongly recommend you print these before saving, and ask your class to store them safely. And in the meantime, our techies are currently working on a new super-easy login system… watch this space.

If you would like further support with setting your class up, please do not hesitate to contact our school or home support team!

Happy Doodling!

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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