Celebrating success

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Shirts have frayed about the cuffs and collar. Shoes have been worn in. Pencils have been sharpened to stubs. Soon, school will give way to summer.

As we approach the end of another school year, it’s a fantastic time to celebrate children’s accomplishments and for them to know how proud you are of all they have achieved. Celebrating success can be powerful in motivating and encouraging children to believe in themselves and can have a lasting impact ready for a fresh start in September.

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So, what to celebrate?

We recommend rewarding success and effort: recognise children’s individual achievements. Consider their progress, positive attitudes to learning and a growth mindset approach to learning.

DoodleMaths has growth mindset at its core – we believe that building resilience is important. Within DoodleMaths, children compete against their own standards, not each other, meaning every child gets the opportunity to experience success, not just the most able.

To celebrate your children’s hard work with DoodleMaths why not reward the following, taken from our effort rather than ability-related statistics:

  • Earning 30, 50 or 100+ streaks
  • Earning 100, 300 or 500+ stars
  • Mastering their Times Tables

Here are 10 different ways you can celebrate success with your Doodlers!

  1. Hold an ‘Award Ceremony’ – you could even throw a red carpet in for the occasion!
  2. Award certificates in a whole-school celebration assembly or in your class – download our bespoke DoodleMaths certificates and hand them out for their great Doodling!
  3. Try to include all children with some kind of reward to leave everyone feeling motivated and proud of their efforts. Why not write a note to each of your children in your class on why you are proud of what they have achieved this year? Check out our Robot and Pet postcards that you can use to do this!
  4. Award some Golden Time!
  5. Celebrate with some house points or house awards!
  6. Give a Headteacher’s Commendation for an extra special reward!
  7. Have a garden party as a reward for all the children’s hard work this year!
  8. Hold a class party!
  9. Peer recognition! Get your class to sit in a circle and hand them with a piece of paper. Children need to write a person’s name from their class and what they feel they have excelled in this year. Mix it up! The recognition could be either on an academic or personal level.
  10. Send a note / email / text to parents and guardians!


Schools aren’t just about getting great academic results. Teachers and parents work together to make sure children are well-rounded individuals. Why not show your pupils that you value how much they’ve grown and matured over the year by celebrating some of the following attributes:

  • Good behaviour
  • Being a good friend
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Manners


The summer term can be a fantastic time to leave children feeling proud of what they have achieved, a strong sense of themselves as capable learners, and excitement about their education in the next school year. From all of us at DoodleMaths, we hope you have a Doodle-Tastic term!


Happy Doodling!

Article by Laura Young-Santos

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