New DoodleMaths – an update

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It’s just over a week since we released DoodleMaths version 6.0.0 and we are acutely aware that the release has not gone smoothly for some of our existing users. This post aims to lay out:

  1. What has caused the issue, and who is affected
  2.  The steps we are taking to put things right

As Nicola explained in the previous post on this blog, we released the new DoodleMaths in order to pave the way for DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell. This meant we had to store children’s progress data in an entirely new format. The complexity lay in mapping old data, to the new format, especially in light of the fact that many of our existing users are on a variety of different, older versions of the app (remember the old 4+/7+/11+ versions?)

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For the most part, this mapping went well, but for users who had moved from v5.0.8 to 5.0.9 and 5.0.10 and used each version, one key piece of data did not map into the right place (new users, those who had starting using from July onwards, and users who had not worked on one of these versions, were not affected).

The consequence of this was that on those devices, progress data was only saved locally on the device and not uploaded to the server. No data was lost, it just wasn’t being stored in the right place. The challenge for our technicians was to retrieve this data from users devices and reconstruct it correctly into the new format, taking into account situations whereby users may have used more than one device, and perhaps also DoodleTables in this time.

They worked tirelessly last week, until late in the evenings at times, in order to achieve this and we released the fix last night at 6.00pm. It has worked in most cases – our own children’s work programs, which were affected – are back to normal, although it did take them logging in and doing an exercise on both DoodleMaths and DoodleTables for the correct data to appear.

This morning, checking our Facebook page and customer service email, it is apparent that there are some users whose progress data is still not showing. Right now it is tricky for us to establish exactly why the fix hasn’t worked in these particular cases – but it they are being treated as an absolute priority.

What I can say is that the numbers of those affected are small enough to make it possible for us to manually fix them on an individual basis. If you are one of those still affected, I’d recommend you continue to use the apps as normally. If the correct progress data is not showing after your child has completed a couple of exercises, please contact us,  giving details of your child’s username and the discrepancy in the data you are seeing, and we will manually adjust this at the start of next week.

The best channels to contact us on are here or – this is where our technical support team will be looking first thing Monday morning. It’s been a tough week for us all in the office, first coming to terms with the error we made, and second putting in the long hours to try and rectify things. I’m proud of our team and how they have worked together to put things right, but I know we are all disappointed to have let some of our customers down.

Many of us are former teachers and parents and are acutely aware of how fragile children’s motivation can often be with maths. But to every problem there is a solution – so please be assured that we will be all hands on deck on Monday morning to ensure normal service is resumed as soon as possible.

Article by Tom Minor

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