How DoodleMaths uses gamification to maximise motivation

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Here at DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish, ‘gamification’ is central to our apps. Here are just some of the features we use to make learning a fun and rewarding experience for children!

Maximising motivation


Doodle has many features purposefully designed to motivate children. By Doodling daily, children can build impressive streaks, while completing exercises awards children with stars. These can be used to buy exciting accessories, collectibles and even pets!

Stars and streaks are a fantastic way to promote healthy habits by encouraging ten minutes of daily practice, which can help to consolidate knowledge and prevent learning loss (which is especially handy over the school holidays).

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A fun challenge! DoodleTables Challenge

For those with a competitive edge, we have lots of fun games designed to challenge Doodlers. For example, the ‘60 Second Challenge’ in DoodleTables has learners answer as many multiplication questions as they can in just one minute.

We also have our very own ‘Hall of Fame’, and schools can create their own Doodle leaderboards to encourage children to work hard earning stars and streaks.

Rewarding effort

Most importantly, we believe in rewarding effort and using positive reinforcement to build confidence in maths and English. We have lots of effort-based rewards, such as coloured belts for each user’s panda when they master a multiplication in DoodleTables.

Doodlers can also send messages to their friends and parents to congratulate them for good work. Parents can download our free certificates to reward their top Doodler, and we even have pencils and trophies available in our Doodle Shop!

Seasonal challenges

Every year, we hold summer and Easter Challenges, which are fun in-app activities designed to prevent holiday learning loss. With the incentive of certificates and rewards, they’re also a fantastic way to be part of our wider Doodle community – see video below!

Armed with all these elements, Doodle empowers and engages learners, helping them to gain confidence in maths and English!


Article by Lucy Hart

Doodle empowers learners to achieve confidence in maths and English. Our intelligent technology creates individual work programmes which are motivational, affordable and convenient to use.