Celebrating success: hard work and effort

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Recognising effort is a great way to encourage your students to foster a growth mindset. With this in mind, below are just some of the ways you can celebrate your pupils’ achievements. They’re sure to leave all your students feeling proud and accomplished as they head into summer!

Create compliment cards

Ask your pupils to write one positive sentence about each student in your class. Compile these compliments into a card and present them in the final week of term. This is a fantastic way for your students to recognise the hard work of their peers, and the cards make for a motivating keepsake!

Reward projects and activities

Art class

Why not reward your pupils for a particular project they worked on or for a piece of artwork they created? This gives pupils targeted feedback and evidence of how and when their hard work has paid off, inspiring them to continue their good work.

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Positive polls

Think of various categories, such as teamwork and determination, and have your pupils nominate someone in the class for each. Go around the class and ask pupils to think of a time their nominated pupil demonstrated this attribute.

Encourage self-reflection

Encourage positive self-review through a short school project. Ask each pupil to write a short piece and/or draw a picture of a time they put in a lot of effort into an activity, such as learning their spellings or at Sports Day. Make a display of their work, gather the class together to have a look and talk through what they’ve written in show-and-tell!   


Article by Lucy at DoodleMaths

Article by Lucy Hart

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