Top 10 education accounts to follow on Twitter

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Twitter isn’t all about selfies and hashtags – it’s also a great space for teachers and educators to come together and share their ideas! With an ever-increasing community of educators from all around the globe, social media is a fantastic way to enhance your professional development as a teacher, making it easier than ever before to discover the latest news, advice and resources.  Below are ten of the best education accounts we recommend following on Twitter to help you get started on your social media journey. 

1. @TeacherToolkit 

As the most-followed teacher account on Twitter, the Teacher Toolkit encourages discussions on educational hot-topics and shares general news and teaching tips.

2. Teach Primary @TeachPrimary 

For the latest news, discussions and resources in education, Teach Primary is a fantastic education account and should be a staple for any teacher’s Twitter account.

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3. #WeAreTeachers @WeAreTeachers

For a fun education account to follow on Twitter, WeAreTeachers specialise in fun DIY classroom hacks, including making your own paint and personalising pupils’ pencils!  

4. RubyTuesdayBooks @RubyTuesdayBks

RubyTuesdayBooks share free teaching resources including ways to teach pupils about plastic pollution and bird-spotters for your class. 

5. Martin Burrett @ICTmagic

Martin specialises in all things tech. He shares free websites and tech resources you can use to enhance your lessons and teach your pupils about online safety. 

6. Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Vicki has lots of helpful tips to help optimise your classroom teaching and shares inspirational messages targeted at teachers (which can be very motivational when you’re feeling a little low on energy!).  

7. That Boy Can Teach @thatboycanteach 

For an insight into teaching life, That Boy Can Teach post updates about his experiences as a teacher and what he is currently teaching in class. 

8. #PrimaryRocks @PrimaryRocks1

With EdTech chats every Monday, Primary Rocks is a fantastic way to share ideas with other teachers. 

9. Bored Teachers @BoredTeachers

For some light-hearted fun, Bored Teachers is full of relatable gifs and amusing anecdotes only teachers will understand. They’re great for sharing with fellow teachers!  

10. #DoodleMaths @DoodleMaths

Finally, don’t forget to follow DoodleMaths! We share all the latest Doodle news, including competitions and offers, as well as Top Doodlers, EdTech news and weekly maths questions. 


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Article by Lucy Hart

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