How Doodle supports teachers

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Doodle was created to supplement, rather than replace, classroom teaching. Our vision is of children learning through the best of whole-class-teaching, enhanced by as much personalised learning as required. Below are just some of the ways Doodle can be used to support teachers.

As a way to revisit learning DoodleMaths

With a growing focus on revisiting learning across the curriculum, the questions in DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish are designed to retain and consolidate the great learning done in school. 

For most children – those who are meeting expectations – work programmes simply involve a few minutes of daily use to ensure they are retaining and consolidating what is being taught in school. But for a significant minority who are not meeting expectations, this can be up to fifteen minutes daily, ensuring they close the gap with their peers. By knowing that revision is covered, you can focus on teaching new content!

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As a homework tool

Doodle is designed to be used without the need for any work to be set by an adult: children can simply complete 10 minutes of their personalised learning programme at least four times per week. If you want to set specific work, teachers can do this too through the Added Extras on the Teacher Dashboard.

As an assessment tool

If you’re starting a new topic, you can set questions at the beginning of the topic for your class and then revisit the same set of questions at the end of the topic to determine the level of progress for each child. If they need some more time on the topic, you can assign it again. You can also set your own questions for in-class quizzes or if you want to focus on a specific question in class.

As a planning tool 

When children complete their work programme each day, the programme tracks their progress against the national curriculum strands, giving you information on each child’s understanding and the percentage of content covered. This can be used to help inform your future planning.

As a data analysis tool gap analysis

On the Teacher Dashboard, you can find a host of information about how your class are doing. By selecting the ARE tab, you can see the number of children beginning to understand the concept, developing their understanding, meeting the objective and mastering the objective as well as information on the percentage of content covered. You can even export data for individual pupils or across you class, which can aid in report-writing.


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Article by Kim Brown

Doodle empowers learners to achieve confidence in maths and English. Our intelligent technology creates individual work programmes which are motivational, affordable and convenient to use.