Considering small group intervention work as part of your COVID catch-up premium spend

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Considering small group intervention work as part of your COVID catch-up premium spend? Then take a look at Doodle’s Lift-Off Programme.

Small group intervention is the most common approach to raising standards, but to do so effectively can be a challenge, especially with today’s primary schools being busier than ever.

Staffing small groups is the biggest consideration. Although it can be expensive to employ external tutors or qualified staff, employing non-teaching specialists entails training and providing a significant amount of supported PPA time, which is an often-overlooked factor.

Doodle’s Lift-Off programme provides a framework that non-teaching specialists use to run small group intervention sessions whilst ensuring they have a significant impact. Schools using Lift-Off are able to:

  • Measure impact using baseline assessment tools
  • Organise intervention groups (which don’t need to be by ability)
  • Timetable sessions
  • Record weekly progress

This is all accomplished by non-teaching specialists, such as teaching assistants, who:

  • Receive initial training from our team of experienced teachers
  • Lead exciting 30-minute intervention sessions that are fully differentiated (using DoodleMaths as the main teaching resource)
  • Don’t need to plan or mark work
  • Address core-learning skills such as growth mindset, confidence and resilience that children can take back into the classroom

How much is Lift-Off?

Not only does Lift-Off provide the framework for consistently high-quality intervention, but it can also deliver significant cost savings.

How much? Assuming a mid-sized primary school is running 20 intervention groups across the school, with each group having a 30-minute session intervention session led by a teaching assistant, then for a 39-week school year, the costings can be broken down as follows:

In this instance, Lift-Off is delivering nearly £1000 in savings.

So, when running small group interventions over the next year, consider using our proven Lift-Off programme. By investing in non-teaching staff, your school can deliver low cost, stress-free intervention that genuinely has an impact.

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Article by Tom Minor

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