How Doodle fills gaps in learning and builds confidence

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Using DoodleMaths for just 10 minutes a day is not only great fun, it’s also proven to prevent learning loss and build confidence in maths!

Thanks to its clever algorithm, Proxima™, Doodle creates every child a unique work programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at how using Doodle little and often will help your child get back on track and get ahead in their learning.

Mastering challenging topics

As part of its clever work behind the scenes, Proxima identifies the areas that a child is finding challenging and automatically sets work in these topics. It presents these through personalised daily exercises in the app. 

With over 20,000 interactive questions to enjoy, children are able to be hands-on in their learning, helping them to understand the theory behind key areas and put their learning into practice as they go. 

Doodle’s concept explanations and various help options mean that children don’t need to ask for help if things become too challenging, empowering them to become independent, confident learners. 

Proxima continually revisits challenging topics by using repetition and positive reinforcement, enabling children to build on what they know and create a solid foundation of understanding. This helps them to master even the most challenging of areas!

Top tip: Encourage your child to save any questions they find tricky by pressing Help when completing their x-a-day. Review these with them by using our step-by-step curriculum-aligned topic guides.

Topping up knowledge

Refreshing a child’s knowledge of what they’ve already learned is just as important as revising tricky areas. Proxima ensures that each child receives questions around what they’ve already learned to remain familiar with the content and to fill in any gaps. 

Proxima makes sure that all of the questions it asks are in a child’s zone of proximal development – what they can do with and without help. By setting work that’s not too easy or too challenging, children can work independently, helping to boost their confidence and ensuring progression through the curriculum.

Encouraging a child to use DoodleMaths for just 10 minutes a day is a great way to maintain their learning so they don’t forget what they’ve learned. Doodling during the school holidays is even proven to prevent learning loss!

Top tip: Set some extra work for your child in an area they’ve been learning about in school. Log in to the Parent Dashboard, hover over Extra and select Assign. Search for a topic area and press the plus symbol to add it to your child’s work programme.
This fantastic feature is available to Premium users. Why not start a FREE 7-day trial today?

Getting ahead

By regularly reviewing key areas, children will build a solid foundation of understanding of core concepts, allowing them to build on what they know. This puts them in great stead to start expanding their knowledge by learning new things and getting ahead in school!

At the same time, Doodle introduces new topics alongside revision when a child is ready, ensuring that things don’t become overwhelming. This means that every child can progress at their own pace.

Top tip: Set a 30-Day Challenge to encourage your child to Doodle a little bit every day! Select from our range of exciting challenges here.


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New to Doodle? Try it for free today!

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Article by Lucy Hart

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