Measure and record length/height in centimetres using a ruler

Introduced in the Year 1 curriculum as: "Measure and begin to record the following: lengths and heights, mass/weight, capacity and volume and time."

Mostly we use a ruler to measure the length of something.

Always start measuring from 0 on the ruler.

Example 1:

This line is 5 centimetres long.

Example 2:

This line is 8 centimetres long.

Example 3:

This snake is 7 units long.

Example 4:

Is this snake 6 units long? No! Because we started counting from 1, not 0. This snake is really 5 units long.

Example 5:

Which is longer, the pen or the pencil? Well, the pen is 10 centimetres and the pencil is 11 centimetres, so the pencil is longer.

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