Calculating elapsed time

Introduced in the Year 3 curriculum as: "Compare durations of events [for example to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks]."

Elapsed time is how long something has taken.

To calculate elapsed time:

1. Count on in minutes from the earlier time to the nearest hour.

2. Count on in hours to the hour nearest to the later time.

3. Count in minutes to reach the later time.

Add together to get the elapsed time.

(you can draw a timeline to help).

Example 1:

How long is it between 3.55pm and 5.03pm?

Add the times together:

5 minutes + 1 hour + 3 minutes = 1 hour 8 minutes .

Example 2:

How long is it between 9.25am and 1.10pm?

Add the times together:

35 minutes + 3 hours + 10 minutes = 3 hours 45 minutes .

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