Introducing the 24-hour clock

Introduced in the Year 4 curriculum as: "Read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12- and 24-hour clocks"

The 24 hr clock has a different number for each hour of the day.

The 24 hr clock runs from 00:00 to 23:59

To change from 24 hr time to normal 12 hr, we subtract 12 from the

hours it it is after 12:59pm.

To change from 12 hr time to 24 hr time, we add 12 to the hours it is

after 12:59pm.

If it is before and a single digit we have to add a '0' to the beginning of

the number. (12:00 to 12:59 is 00:00 to 00:59)


Notice we have dropped

the 'am' and 'pm'

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