Volume: Introduction to cm³

Introduced in the Year 5 curriculum as: "Estimate volume [for example, using 1 cm3 blocks to build cuboids (including cubes)] and capacity [for example, using water]"

The volume of an object is how many centimeters cubed (cm³) will fit inside.

Centimeters cubed can also be called cubic centimeters.

We can count them by counting the number of cubes, or calculate them by multipling the number of cubes on the front layer by how many layers there are in total.

We can also measure volume in cubic inches, or cubic feet.

Example 1:

This cuboid has:

4 cm³ on its front layer, and it has 3 layers going back.

So Volume = 4 × 3 = 12cm³ .

Example 2:

This cuboid has:

6 cubic inches on its front layer and 5 layers.

Volume = 6 × 5 = 30 cubic inches.

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