Transformations: describing reflections

Introduced in the Year 6 curriculum as: "Draw and translate simple shapes on the coordinate plane, and reflect them in the axes."

A reflection is a type of transformation. It 'maps' one shape onto another.

When a shape is reflected a mirror image is created. If the shape and size remain unchanged, the two images are congruent.

We can describe how a shape has been reflected by saying the equation

of the line it has been reflected in.

Example 1:

The transformation that maps shape A onto shape B is a reflection.

The line is x = 2 because the x-coordinate is 2 for the whole of the line.

Example 2:

The grid below shows a shape. Reflect it in the line y = 1.

Firstly we need to draw the line of reflection, where the

y-coordinate is 1 for the whole of the line.

Now reflect the green shape in this line to give a red shape.

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