DoodleMaths was designed to support classroom teaching and can be used as an effective home learning solution by schools. With over 20,000 curriculum-aligned questions, it creates every pupil a personalised work programme tailored to their ability. It can be used on any touchscreen device or from a desktop, and can be accessed online or offline, making it the perfect way for children to continue their learning outside of school!

Below are some more of the benefits of using DoodleMaths to continue and support pupils’ learning journeys when they’re not in school. 

Children can work independently

DoodleMaths_iPadOur clever algorithm, Proxima™, ensures that every child has the right balance of challenge and success so they can make continual progress.

All questions have unique explanations, and a variety of in-app help features enable pupils to access support if and when they need it.

The ‘Tricky Questions’ features enables children to flag any problems which they can return to when they have the support of a parent or teacher. 

It’s proven to raise standards

DoodleMaths is proven to build confidence, raise attainment and prevent learning loss from as little as 20 minutes of usage a week.

By increasing usage to 20-25 minutes a day during a prolonged period away from school, pupils can continue their learning and progress through AREs – all without the need for teachers to set work.  

Teachers can easily monitor progress

Teachers can use the handy online Teacher Dashboard to easily track their pupils’ progress and discover their strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum. 

They can also discover their pupils’ average accuracy, time spent answering questions and more!

It compliments teachers’ own schemes of work

DoodleMaths automatically creates every pupil a unique work programme tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers can also set work to tie in with their own scheme of teaching by searching for any topic in the curriculum and putting it into pupils’ programmes at the touch of a button.   

There’s also DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell! 

We’ve also created DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell, our accompanying learning programmes which support children’s learning in English



Over 1000 UK schools are already using DoodleMaths to provide continued learning support for their pupils at home – and you can get started for free today!

To find out more, please visit our website or chat to our Account Managers to get you started with a free, fully-supported trial in your school.