Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge


Looking for the #DoodleEnglishChallenge?



How to take part

The DoodleMaths Challenge is taking place from Wednesday 1st April and Thursday 30th April. During this time:

Children need to…

• Earn 400 stars

• and achieve a 7-day streak

Why not print off our Challenge sheet to help you keep track of the stars you’ve earned?

Please note: to enter both Challenges, a 7-day streak and 400 stars must be achieved separately in DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish. There are two exclusive pinbadges to earn by taking part in both!  


Parents need to…

• Post twice on social media about the Challenge, using the hashtag #DoodleMathsChallenge

These posts could be anything from a photo of your Doodler in action to a Tweet about your favourite place to Doodle!



How do I claim my reward?

There’s no need to enrol in the Challenge. Your child can simply get started any time between Wednesday 1st and Thursday 23rd April (so they can earn their 7-day streak).

Once your child has achieved a 7-day streak, please take a screenshot of it using DoodleConnect (the free app where you can track your child’s progress) as we’ll use this to check your child’s streak. If you’d like help doing this, please read our FAQ article below.

Then, once all further challenge requirements have been completed, simply fill in our online form below. We’ll verify your challenge entry and, if valid, send your child their reward!


If you don’t use social media, don’t fret; the rewards will be available in our DoodleStore when the Challenge kicks-off.

Claim my child’s reward – coming soon!