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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a child’s DoodleAge calculated?

    DoodleMaths Age is a way of measuring your child’s overall level of understanding. If a child has a DoodleMaths Age of 7.5, they will be working at the level of an average 7-and-a-half year old.

    We calculate this by looking at the point your child is in their work program in terms of the questions they are currently being asked. We then compare this to the average age of other children in our system who are at a similar point in their program.

  • How do I change the voice in the app?

    Some devices are defaulted to rather dreary and perhaps uninspiring voices, but it is possible to change the voice. On an iPad or iPhone, go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices. Choose your language and download from the selection of voices. We think that ‘Siri Female Enhanced’ works most effectively. On Android devices, go to System Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output. Hit the gear icon next to the “Google text to speech” option and click on “Language” in the settings screen.

  • How often is DoodleMaths updated?

    There are various aspects of the DoodleMaths system, all of which should work harmoniously together. But as with anything technical, things can go wrong. Our technicians are working all the time, mainly on improvements, but also bug fixes. All our products are tested thoroughly prior to release, and we tend to do an update of our website and apps every 2-3 months containing bug fixes and improvements. With the website and dashboards, minor bugs (by which we mean bugs which give a slightly below-par experience for some users) are fixed more frequently. We have created our content in such a way that any issues with questions and explanations are corrected within 24 hours from being reported – this way we keep content issues to an absolute minimum. Any critical bugs (by which we mean, bugs which affect a user’s work program, or bugs which prevent usage of the app) are always fixed immediately.

  • How do I link my child’s home account to their school’s new account?

    If your child’s school has started to use DoodleMaths but you already have an account as a home user, it is possible to link your account to your child’s class so that they do not have to start again with a new account. Link their account to their school through the settings page in the app (under ‘my pages’). The teacher will then see their account listed under unverified children. Ask the teacher to verify them, move them to the correct class and then archive their new school account.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    To cancel your subscription follow the appropriate instructions:

    Apple App Store

    Google Play

    Amazon App Store

    If you started your monthly subscription directly from the Parent Dashboard, then you can cancel your subscription by going into the Parent Dashboard, then ‘Children’, then ‘Actions’, then ‘Manage Subscription’, or by emailing us at


  • How do I switch from a monthly to an annual or lifetime subscription?

    To switch, first cancel your monthly subscription through the app store you bought the app through (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store). Once this is cancelled, you will need to wait until your month is finished (usually around 30 days after your last payment). You can then upgrade to an annual or lifetime subscription by heading over to the Parent Dashboard.

    If you started your monthly subscription directly from the Parent Dashboard, you can manage what type of subscription you have directly from there.

    Alternatively, give us a call on 01225 220122 and we can switch you over immediately.

  • How do I manage my subscription options?

    Your monthly subscription is managed by the relevant app store through which you made the initial purchase (either Google Play, Apple App Store or Amazon App Store). In either the settings on your device, or by logging into your Google, iTunes, or Amazon account online, go to ‘Manage my Subscriptions’.

    If you upgraded your subscription on the Parent Dashboard, or would like to, you can find everything you need there.

  • I’m not sure the app is synchronising between devices

    If this is the case, perform the following quick checks:

    1. Are you definitely logged into the same family account on every device you are using? (Log out, then log back in again if you are unsure)
    2. Have all devices got a stable internet connection when you log in/out?
    3. The app performs a synchronisation whenever it returns to the home screen – if your child exits the app mid-exercise it will not synchronise the first few questions completed.

  • How does the app work out my child’s level?

    DoodleMaths will begin by asking your child questions when they first start using the app and do a number of ‘7-a-day’ exercises. We record the areas where they find questions difficult, until they reach a point where we know enough to construct their work program. At this point, their DoodleMaths age will be visible on the Parent Dashboard.

  • How does the app work?

    Children need to do their ‘7/8/9/10 A Day’ five times a week and a ‘New This Week’ at least once a week. The first few exercises will help DoodleMaths work out your child’s level, strengths and weaknesses, and create a unique work program for them. Children are motivated by earning DoodleStars to buy accessories for their robot, pet, or coach.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can try DoodleMaths for free, however, upgrading to Premium gets you unlimited use of the app and unlocks far more functionality on the parent dashboard. You can subscribe to Premium at a cost of £3.99 per child per month, £36.99 per year, or alternatively with a one-off ‘Lifetime’ payment of £96.99. Note that ‘lifetime’ subscriptions cannot be transferred between apps or other children.

  • Can I use multiple devices?

    Yes, download the free DoodleMaths app onto any device you wish to use. Log in to each with your family account details. Your child will have the same subscription type (Basic or Premium) across all devices, whether they’re Android, Apple, or Kindle. Your child’s work program will synchronise automatically between devices if they log out to the ‘Select A User’ screen after each session.

    If there is no internet connection when starting a session, the app will use your child’s work program from the last session on that device.

  • Do I need a wifi connection?

    DoodleMaths can be used with or without a data connection. However, the app only synchronises with the parent/teacher dashboards and other devices when it has a connection. If there is no connection, the app will store progress locally in the device and synchronise when the connection is regained.

  • When should I help my child?

    DO: Help your child when learning a ‘New This Week’ topic, however, encourage them to improve their score if you feel they didn’t quite understand first time round.

    DO: encourage and reward – but only when deserved!

    DO: promote independent use – this is essential if your child is going to develop skills and confidence that they can take back into the classroom.

    DO NOT: help your child with their 7/8/9/10-a-day. Performance on these questions is used to determine future work programs – if they are given excessive help and get questions right that they don’t fully understand, their work program may become too hard for them.

  • How do I monitor my child?

    Once you get your login, you can access the Parent Dashboard. Here you can see exactly what your children have been up to on DoodleMaths in the past week or forever, and even see them answer questions in real time – meaning you can keep an eye on them without staring over their shoulder! While monitoring in real time, if a child has been inactive for over 4 minutes they will turn red, enabling you to help them if necessary. Reports show how much work a child has done in the last week and analytics will highlight their particular strengths and weaknesses.

  • The app is at the wrong level for my child, what do I do?

    In the case of the app being at the wrong level for a child you can either:

    1. Wait for the app to adapt to the child’s ability again (this will take a little time)
    2. Recalibrate. This will remove the child’s work program, it will require the child to redo their personalisation and go through some assessment questions, but they will not lose any DoodleStars. To do this log into the Parent Dashboard, then select ‘Manage Children’, then ‘Actions’, then ‘Force Recalibration’.
  • How can I reward my child?

    Children who obtain more than 1000 DoodleStars are entitled to an exclusive DoodleMaths certificate – just send us a screenshot to with your child’s name.