Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m having connection problems at school. What should I do?

    For the DoodleMaths app to connect to our servers and retrieve children’s work programs, like any other application it needs to be allowed through the school network firewall. In addition, if it is installed on a PC, it will also need to be allowed through the PC’s Windows Firewall, and possibly even another installed firewall such as AVG, McAfee, Norton etc.

    It’s extremely rare for us to have a server issue: we have two load-balanced servers, based in the UK. If there’s an issue on one, traffic is instantly diverted to the other to ensure there’s no service interruption. If you are having connectivity issues, it’s much more likely to be a network/firewall issue.

    Troubleshooting firewall issues:

    1. Bypass the school network by tethering the PC to a 4G hotspot on a phone. If DoodleMaths connects via the hotspot but not the school network, it’s the school network firewall that is the problem.

    2. If, in a school, some devices connect (usually iPads) but others don’t (usually PCs), this indicates a firewall issue on the PCs – either Windows Firewall or another installed firewall is not allowing it through.

    Fixing firewall issues:

    1. If it’s a school network issue, try the following: whitelist, and all subdomains; ensure ports 80 and 443 are unblocked for the DoodleMaths app; unblock IP address

    2. If it’s an issue with the Windows Firewall on the PC, you will need to change the settings on the firewall to allow DoodleMaths through. For Windows 8 and 10, you’ll need to go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall > Select “DoodleMaths”

    Since all school networks are configured differently, it’s very difficult for us to support firewall issues without visiting your school. We are keen to help though, so if you have any specific questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to contact us here.

  • How is a child’s DoodleAge calculated?

    DoodleMaths Age is a way of measuring your child’s overall level of understanding. If a child has a DoodleMaths Age of 7.5, they will be working at the level of an average 7-and-a-half year old.

    We calculate this by looking at the point your child is in their work program in terms of the questions they are currently being asked. We then compare this to the average age of other children in our system who are at a similar point in their program.

    DoodleMaths will begin by asking your child questions when they first start using the app and do a number of ‘7-a-day’ exercises. We record the areas where they find questions difficult, until they reach a point where we know enough to construct their work program. At this point, their DoodleMaths Age will be visible on both the Parent Dashboard and Teacher Dashboard.

  • How do I change the voice in the app?

    Some devices are defaulted to rather dreary and perhaps uninspiring voices, but it is possible to change the voice. On an iPad or iPhone, go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices. Choose your language and download from the selection of voices. We think that ‘Siri Female Enhanced’ works most effectively. On Android devices, go to System Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output. Hit the gear icon next to the “Google text to speech” option and click on “Language” in the settings screen.

  • What does ‘Unverified Teacher’ mean?

    Unverified teachers can still see full functionality of the teacher dashboard but they can only view, edit or message users with logins that they themselves have generated. For security reasons they cannot view, edit or message other students, parents or teachers already attached to their school until they have been verified by a member of the DoodleMaths team, or by an existing teacher from the school.

  • How often is DoodleMaths updated?

    There are various aspects of the DoodleMaths system, all of which should work harmoniously together. But as with anything technical, things can go wrong. Our technicians are working all the time, mainly on improvements, but also bug fixes. All our products are tested thoroughly prior to release, and we tend to do an update of our website and apps every 2-3 months containing bug fixes and improvements. With the website and dashboards, minor bugs (by which we mean bugs which give a slightly below-par experience for some users) are fixed more frequently. We have created our content in such a way that any issues with questions and explanations are corrected within 24 hours from being reported – this way we keep content issues to an absolute minimum. Any critical bugs (by which we mean, bugs which affect a user’s work program, or bugs which prevent usage of the app) are always fixed immediately.

  • What do I do if some of my students already have home accounts?

    If some of your students are already using DoodleMaths at home you can add their existing account to your school so that they do not have to start again with a new account. Ask their parents to link their child to the school through the settings page on the app. They will then appear under ‘Unverified Students’ on the teacher dashboard. You can then verify them, move them to the correct class, and archive their new school account.

  • How do I link a parent to a student account?

    You can link parents to your students’ accounts through the Teacher Dashboard – go into Manage Students, then in Actions click “Link Parent”. Alternatively, parents can link themselves in the app by clicking on “Grown Ups” when the student is logged in.

  • Why should I link a parent to a student account?

    We strongly recommend you link parents to your students’ accounts. This allows parents to view their children’s progress through the Parent Dashboard or the Parent Connect App, and play a much bigger part in motivating their child. It also allows them to perform administrative tasks such as retrieving passwords and updating child’s details.

  • What do I do with “Unverified Students”?

    Unverified students are users who have linked themselves to your school. If you recognise them as a member of your class, add them in order to view their progress. If you don’t recognise them, you can hide them in “Archived Students”.

  • I’m not sure a child’s work is synchronising fully

    If this is the case, double check that the device has an internet connection when the pupil logs in and out. When a pupil finishes a session, ensure they log out to guarantee the session has been saved.

  • How does DoodleMaths work?

    DoodleMaths mimics the actions of a good tutor. Its in-built intelligence identifies the strengths and weaknesses unique to each child and constructs a work program specific to their needs. It creates an immersive, interactive learning experience for young children, who are simply guided through the programme to the areas they need to work on.

    Children open the app and within seconds can be working on short, snappy exercises. Children need to do their ‘7/8/9/10 A Day’ five times a week and a ‘New This Week’ at least once a week. by doing their utilising question styles designed to teach and support early number sense, precisely tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

  • How much does DoodleMaths cost?

    A Premium DoodleMaths class subscription, with unlimited usage and full access to dashboard analytics, costs £15.99/$22.99 per class per month, or £179/$259 for a year.

    If you are purchasing across the whole school, we charge £5/$8 per student per year.

  • How do I monitor my students?

    Once you get your login you can access the Teacher Dashboard. Here you can set up students, see which students used DoodleMaths this week, how many questions they answered and see students answer questions in real time. While monitoring in real time, if a student has been inactive for over 4 minutes they will turn red – enabling you to wander over and assist if necessary. Reports show how much work a child has done in the last week and analytics highlights their particular strengths and weaknesses.

  • How can I reward my students?

    Keep an eye on our website for the Top Doodlers table. This shows the children who have achieved the most DoodleStars in the past 7 days (to the minute!). On your Dashboard homepage, there is also a table showing the Top Doodlers in your school.

    Students who obtain more than 1000 DoodleStars are entitled to an exclusive DoodleMaths certificate – just send us a screenshot to with your student’s name.

  • Can students use the app at home?

    Yes! As long as the DoodleMaths app is downloaded, children can use it at home. They must select ‘Log in’ and enter their school username and password.

  • Can students use multiple devices?

    Any student can log in to their work program from any Android, Apple or Kindle device which has the free DoodleMaths app installed, or on the desktop version in the Windows Store. To ensure accurate synchronisation between devices, it’s best to log in/out with a data connection.

  • Can I change a student’s username and password?

    Yes you can change a student’s username and password by logging onto the Teacher Dashboard and selecting ‘Manage Students’, finding the student and clicking on Edit under ‘Actions’.

    Alternatively, children can change their username to something more memorable in ‘Settings’ in the app.

  • The app is at the wrong level for a student, what do I do?

    In the case of the app being at the wrong level for a student you can either:

    1. Wait for the app to adapt to the student’s ability again (this will take a little time).
    2. Recalibrate. This will remove the student’s work program and will require the student to redo their personalisation. They will also need to answer some questions for the app to relearn their strengths and weaknesses, but they will not lose any DoodleStars.
  • Does DoodleMaths require a WiFi connection?

    DoodleMaths can be used with or without a data connection, but if you are switching between multiple devices this works best with a connection.