With one straight cut you can slice a pie into two pieces. A second cut that crosses the first one will produce four pieces. A third cut can produce as many as seven pieces.

What is the largest number of pieces that you can get with six straight cuts?  

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Let’s start with a pie that has 0 cuts – this has 1 piece 0cut If we cut it once with a straight line – we now have 2 pieces 1cut If we cut it again, 2 cuts – we have 4 pieces 2cut Cut 3 gives us 7 pieces 3cut Let’s have a look at these paying special attention to the number of pieces added by each cut. 3cuts Cut 1 adds 1 piece to the total Cut 2 adds 2 pieces to the total. If we extend this on… cut 3 should add 3 pieces to the total cut 4 should add 4 pieces to the total cut 5 should add 5 pieces to the total and cut 6 should add 6 pieces to the total. 6cuts Cut 4 gives 11 pieces. 4cut Cut 5 gives us 16 pieces 5cut Cut 6 can make up to 22 pieces 6cut So 6 cuts can make 22 pieces of pie! I’m not too sure I’d be too happy if someone offered me some of those pieces though!