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  • Children work through quick and engaging questions...
  • ...adapted to their strengths and weaknesses...
  • ...designed to boost confidence and attainment...
  • ...they earn stars to build their robot, whilst you track progress on our website.

Rapidly accelerating children's progress in maths

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  • Children work through quick and engaging questions...
  • ...adapted to their strengths and weaknesses...
  • ...designed to boost confidence and attainment...
  • ...they earn stars to build their robot, whilst you track progress on our website.

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Reduce your child's summer learning loss these holidays with a maths challenge that is proven to raise standards! A small amount of DoodleMaths little and often means children are "four times less likely to experience summer learning loss".

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DoodleMaths Is For Everyone

How it Works

Every learner has their own unique Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) - the narrow band that is the difference between what a learner can do without help, and what he or she can do with help. DoodleMaths identifies this zone and creates a daily-practice work program based around it, filling in gaps and ensuring continual progression.

What Parents are Saying

  • “We LOVE that we can use it offline and link up when we can, and we are really getting into the personalisation aspects of being able to tweak the added extras so they really reinforce the right learning aspects at the right time. It gives me a bit of peace of mind that they’re on track, and they now set themselves their own goals of what they want to achieve.”

    Justine, Parent
  • “It has been great for a few reasons. One, it has the skill of retaining children’s confidence, even when new topics are difficult, and I cannot overstate how important that is. She has more of the belief that she can do it, and that she can improve. Two, it is not difficult to get her to do it with me, which is also really important, as that also makes it easier for me to do it with her. And three, we can both see that she has improved, and done so at a steady rate, so she is also proud of her progress.”

  • “DoodleMaths has encouraged him to enjoy maths in a fun and challenging way whilst competing with his school friends. He loves the robot and sending messages to his friends – his school New York Primary North Shields even has a weekly DoodleMaths leaderboard in the hall.”

    Julia McElhone, Parent
  • “DoodleMaths has been brilliant at helping her learn maths. I use your app, some workbooks and hands-on activities to cover what she’s learning with you. She has improved so much…her confidence has been boosted, she’s happy to learn and we have no more tears now.

    Thank you for making my daughter find learning fun and making our learning journey a happier experience.”

  • “This is a brilliant app. It’s really easy for my son to use and he actually wants to use it. It adapts to his strengths and weaknesses so he’s always learning. Since using DoodleMaths, he has moved into the top group of his class for maths.
    As a parent, I can instantly track his progress using the Parent app and the online Parent Dashboard. It is more than an app, it’s a whole tuition system basically. It is really helping him get more confident at maths.”

    Tom, Parent
  • “My son started using DoodleMaths in year 1 as he was struggling to get his confidence with maths.
    He started doing DoodleMaths every morning while having his breakfast and within a couple of weeks you could see him becoming more and more comfortable tackling new questions.”

  • “My daughter’s confidence has increased so much since using DoodleMaths. Her recall of basic number facts is so much quicker and more automatic now. It is so lovely to see her having gone from being a child who was scared of maths to one who now loves it. She’s even moved up a table in maths at school and I am sure it is in large part to this great app.”

    Rebecca Jane, Parent
  • “We attended parent’s evening last night and our daughter’s teacher told us that Amber has moved up two tables since September!”

    Rosie, Parent, Bath
  • “We used to go to a tutor. Now we just do 10 minutes of DoodleMaths before school. I’ve saved a fortune and Sam’s teacher says he is doing really well.”

    Tim, Parent, Pontypridd
  • “Zac and Alex have improved their maths ages by over two years in just nine months and their confidence has had an enormous boost.”

    Emma, Parent, Walsall
  • “We got DoodleMaths in the summer and are now getting into the routine of doing a few minutes in the car each day. Seren loves maths, so I have been subscribing to another maths product for the last couple of years, but the value for money DoodleMaths provides is incredible in comparison.”

    Ciara, Parent
  • “Our son does 15 minutes on DoodleMaths every day and has caught up in class. Extremely impressed and would highly recommend.”

    Amy, Parent
  • “My daughter loves DoodleMaths and we have had lots of comments recently about how confident she is with numbers. We loved the advent calendar – a great way to keep users motivated, she can’t wait to open it every day!”

    Katie Jayne, Parent
  • “DoodleMaths is awesome! Both of my children use it and love it! They thoroughly enjoy using their stars to buy gifts for their pets as well as seeing their daily stars add up. It’s a really great app – I would definitely recommend it!”

    Michelle Prosser, Parent
  • “Can’t recommend DoodleMaths enough! It’s amazing how it works with the children and their ability. Calum loves DoodleMaths and is keen to keep up and try as hard as he can. He loves maths but this has made it even easier for him to do it all the time. Thank you so much!”

    Stacey Grimmett, Parent
  • “I cannot stress enough just how much this app has improved my son’s maths ability. I tell you – it is invaluable.”

    Clare, Parent
  • “We have always used DoodleMaths for maths homework. She is working a year above her age (at school as well as on DoodleMaths) so thanks for a fab app and keep up the good work! Looking forward to when my son is old enough to get started.”

    Amy, Parent, York
  • “Yasmin’s confidence has increased ten-fold since she’s been using DoodleMaths”

    Husna, Parent, Oxfordshire
  • “I bought this for our daughter a few weeks ago and can’t believe the progress she has made. My wife is a maths teacher and she can’t fault it!”

    Nick Wilcox, Parent, Hampton Hill
  • “My son is in year 3 and has been doing DoodleMaths for two years. He was good at maths anyway and we wouldn’t have considered a tutor – this fits into our day and has enabled him to reach his potential.”

    James, Parent, Bristol

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