Gayhurst has been using DoodleMaths for the past six months. It is now a well integrated resource across 13 different classes at the school, with regular use from over 170 pupils.

What really works for you about DoodleMaths?

DoodleMaths engages the pupils, it keeps them coming back for more and there are plenty of different activities. The DoodleMaths interface is beautiful! The drag, drop and line drawing functions work perfectly. It’s as if the iPad was made for DoodleMaths.

What do your pupils love about DoodleMaths?

They really enjoy the avatar characters! They find them engaging and the reward system is definitely a strong incentive.

What do the parents say about DoodleMaths?

The topic sections are very useful for filling in gaps of knowledge and also for specific revision in the lead up to exams.

How does DoodleMaths compare to the other maths resources that you have used?

Nothing else on the market touches DoodleMaths as a tablet resource.

Would you recommend DoodleMaths to other schools?

Definitely! I have already been spreading the word.

Article by:
DoodleMaths Team