The British School of Tashkent is a vibrant and high achieving International School and has been using DoodleMaths for six months. Many children use it as a registration time activity, in maths lessons or for homework.

What really works for you about DoodleMaths?

Children can work quite independently on it and are motivated. It fits in well as something to do even when there are only a couple of minutes. No teacher input is needed as new topics and higher levels are automatically given. It is easy to monitor.

What do your students love about DoodleMaths?

The leader board, collecting DoodleStars and buying accessories for their pets! Many find it quite addictive. Completing tasks and earning stars gives a real sense of achievement. Those who do their DoodleMaths like the feeling of ‘getting ahead’ if they’ve used it to learn/revise a topic before we start it in class.

What benefits have you seen?

One of the noticeable effects has been that children have filled in gaps in their knowledge, especially where new students have missed topics already taught in our curriculum. The children enjoy DoodleMaths and it has boosted confidence of many. Many EAL students have shown improved understanding of mathematical vocabulary. The most consistent users have shown improvements in their grades.

What do the parents say?

Their children are motivated and love the way the app works.

How does DoodleMaths compare to the other maths resources that you have used?

We use other resources which are great for homework and tracking results, what sets DoodleMaths apart is that it continues to give the children new topics without teachers needing to allocate work as I have said before, it is very easy to use and monitor. Customer service has also been excellent, with quick responses to all queries.


Article by:
DoodleMaths Team